Introducing the proud new owners of Wild Game Salamis New Zealand

Since the beginning, our business has been built on quality, honesty, and respect. We take pride in our work, just like you take pride in your farm animals or catch.

Varnnah and Jordan Hamilton-Bicknell would like to welcome you to Wild Game Salamis, where we love to fill fridges and freezers with restaurant-quality products.

Jordan worked for the previous owner for six years, growing the homekill side of the business, developing his own recipes, covering a variety of meats. (some favourites are the cheese kranskys and the beirsticks.) Prior to Wild Game, Jordan started his trade at the age of 15, in a busy butcher shop in Woodville, equipping him with many years of experience in the industry. Jordan has a keen passion for the outdoors, hunting and gathering food to feed his friends and family, all while exploring the beautiful country we live in.

Over the last few years, Jordan believes that homekill has lifted and is more recognised than ever before. Clients now have a higher standard when it comes to their own meat in their freezers, which is why we pride ourselves on producing high-quality smallgoods and gourmet cuts out of your own catch or farm animals.

Your meat is vac packed to suit your needs and family size, while being clearly labeled (No more guesswork). Our packing method even makes your own meat look inviting in the freezer!

Proud Award Winners

Jordan and Varnnah entered the New Zealand Bacon and Ham Awards 2023 for the first time. They Were both Super Proud that Wild Game's Old School Bacon Took Away not only the Gold But Supreme Award, This was only topped off with the Wild Game Old School Sliced Ham Taking away the Gold In Category but then Punching above the rest to take Away the Supreme Ham Award 2023. This is a huge achievement Been the 1st Business to win both Supreme Awards!!! Go WILD GAME