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We are your wild game processing specialists.

As hunter-gatherers ourselves, we know what works best for your animals. From the hills to Wild Game HQ, we recommend the maximum amount of time between the kill and drop-offs is five days. This ensures we have time to process your meat while it is in its best condition. During this time your catch must be kept chilled. We will accept whole carcasses, boneless trim, or bone in legs and shoulders.
Our experienced butchers go through every bin of trim to ensure that every bit of foreign matter has been removed. A trimming fee will apply for the preparation of meat for further processing and any boning charges will be done by a per kg rate. Where possible all meat is to be delivered to us on a Monday or Tuesday. (You do not need aged meat for smallgoods) fresh is best!
We can take a minimum of 7kgs of your meat and turn it into any of our small goods range. (Please note, some meats are more suitable for products than others.) We supply pork fat to blend with your smallgoods. All pork fat is high-quality New Zealand pork, sourced from our trusted farmers and is MPI certified. We can add other fats on request if pork fat is not suitable for any reason.

Venison Processing form Venison Processing form

How to prepare your game

If you can’t get your fresh meat to us within 5 days deboning and freezing your meat in a black rubbish bag is recommended. PLEASE DO NOT USE SCENTED BAGS!

Your Meat

Meat is okay to be frozen and thawed as long as this is done in a controlled environment. (Chiller or fridge).FROZEN: ideally, frozen meat is delivered to us on a Thursday or a Friday. We will let your meat thaw in the chiller over the weekend and start on a fresh production week.

Your Animal

Please ensure your animals are skinned, otherwise, an additional charge for this service will occur. Heads and hocks are to be removed when deer are delivered otherwise this time may be added to the skinning fee.


Please note: we will not accept deer with skin on in the month of APRIL or DECEMBER. A little pride and care for your animal goes a long way. This allows us to give you the highest quality service and product we can.